Region 15 Service Award

Congratulations to Rebecca Board, recipient of the Region 15 Service Award for 2015.

Congratulations to Anne Winningham for receiving the AHS Regional Service Award for 2015

Congratulations goes out to Anne Winningham,
Recipient of the Region 15 AHS Regional Service Award for 2015.

2015 Carolina Digital Photo Contest

Message to all AHS Region 15 Members...

The entry deadline for the 2015 Carolina Digital Photo Contest is December 31, 2015.

Again this year we had some beautiful gardens on our summer regional tour that provided lots of photo opportunities, as well as the many beautiful daylily gardens around our region that many of us didn't have the opportunity to visit. Please do share those with us. Please do take the time to prepare and enter some of your photo's in each of these categories this year.

The categories for the Photo Contest are:

  1. Region 15 Flower -single or multiple blooms, registered by Region 15 hybridizers
  2. Artistic- include extreme close-ups of flowers, garden vignettes, insects, birds, etc.;

    Artistic photos featuring daylilies, a part of a daylily, or a daylily motif will have preference over images without any part of a daylily if the photos are otherwise equal in quality.

  3. Region 15 Landscape; and
  4. Region 15 people.

The same categories also apply for Youth Members. We were delighted to have Youth participation last year and hope to see increased participation this year.

For information on the Contest rules, go to

Entries should be emailed to or if you send a flash drive or disk by surface mail, to Rebecca Board, 3 Hopwell Drive, Durham, NC. 27705.

Fall Meeting 2015 Awards

2015 Fall Meeting Awards...

During the 2015 Fall Meeting we announced the following Awards...

  • Popularity Poll
  • Jeffcoat Hybridizer Award
  • Region 15 Service Award
  • Herman Pruit  Mentoring Award.

Popularity Poll

  1. All American Chief
  2. Thelma Douglas
  3. Papa Goose
  4. Peggy Jeffcoat
  5. Primal Scream (Tie #1)
  6. Websters Pink Wonder (Tie #1)
  7. Carnival In Mexico
  8. Alien DNA (Tie #2)
  9. Cat Ballou (Tie #2)
  10. Cat Dancer (Tie #2)
  11. Claudine's Charm (Tie #3)
  12. Rose F. Kennedy (Tie #3)
  13. Browns Ferry Royality
  14. Cherryville (Tie #4)
  15. Date With Destiny (Tie #4)
  16. Red Volunteer (Tie #4)

Jeffcoat Hybridizer Award

  • Dancing With Linda (Ed Zahler 2008)

Region 15 Service Award

  • Rebecca Board

Herman Pruit Mentoring Award

  • Ken Cobb